Paving the way

I've always been a fairly cautious person. Not as a person, but through my professional life. I put on a face that depicts some level of confidence, when in reality I've never convinced myself that I have that confidence. It may be hard for some people to admit that, whereas for others it's as easy as breathing. 


The past couple of months I've been researching about the human paradigm, a phenomenon I came across that involves the subconscious mind. To my knowledge the best way I can describe this to you is by imagining humanity as an atom. We are all linked like the electrons of an atom and we emit both negative and positive energy. This in turn affects those around us as humans are always vibrating different energies. 


I’ve discovered that this is because when we are born, we are nurtured by the environment around us. The early stages of our life are the foundations of what we will be like later on in life. Once we pass this stage, our subconscious level is unlikely to change. And it is because of this reason that some people are either very confident or not confident at all. 


The answer to success is simple; change your subconscious paradigm. 

By doing this, we have to surround ourselves with positive energy by being positive ourselves. You can’t let 30 failures push you down a pit, you have to find a reason to keep going, and by having positivity will you find success. You can be talented and have all the skills in the world, but only through pushing your boundaries will those skills show in the results. 


Since beginning my placement year, I only received one call back for an internship with website magazine Cent. At first I was hesitant because my goal in life is to be a film designer and a publication internship wasn’t exactly ideal. However, I truly believe that it isn’t what you do that gets you anywhere, it is through the positive people you surround yourself with and starting from the bottom up, all the while with your end goal constantly in mind. I took up this internship and now I am working under a creative director who provides me with so many wonderful opportunities. I am also working as a production designer for an upcoming short film and I am freelancing as an art director for a fashion brand. 


The only person who will push you is you and no one else. I have never created content that I love, but I know I can and I will. My goal at the end of this year is to have a visual identity that I can proudly say is my own. And my way of doing this is to face anything and everything that comes my way. 

Kezia Mary Hessam

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