Opening new doors

During my freelancing term, I have optimised my time efficiently when it comes to practicing my technical skills. I find it necessary that by the end of this year, I have not only developed my professional outlook, but upped my capabilities in the softwares I already know and journey to learn new softwares. This, I hope, will challenge my methods of work within my field, opening even more opportunities to me. Through the course of endless applications to internships, I've discovered each time that the requirements for the position they offer have always held an array of different softwares that I do not have the capabilities to use. Softwares such as: Cinema4D, AutoCAD, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom and so on. 

So upon realisation of this I began to self-teach myself every week, starting with the very basic tutorials. Having taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere before, I believed that the best and quickest way to learn was through free tutorials that you can come across on Youtube and Vimeo

Cinema4D beginning stages

Although progress doesn't come easily, I believe that if you want to achieve something in life, you have to work harder than working hard. And what I mean by this, is pushing past your limitations and the idea that you can't work any more than you already are. I don't mean working until you're dead, but in moments where you think you've done enough for the day, or you've completed your check list for the week, go a step further and don't allow yourself to stop until you've tried something new and stepped outside of your comfort zone. And hopefully by making this a habit, your abilities will improve in half the time it would normally take. I've also made sure to improve my skills in areas I'm already familiar with, because there is always something new to be learned.

Adobe Photoshop painting practice 

Kezia Mary Hessam

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