The Devil Wears Primark

As the second term began, during the pre production of Depth of Field, my previous colleagues at .Cent and I had the idea of making a podcast. Our stories at .Cent were actually so unimaginable that we originally considered writing a novel based on the happenings that occurred. However we considered the potential in a podcast because it would open a public discussion around internships in general.


Discussing the matter of avoiding unpaid worker positions disguised as internships and how to realise this before signing a three month “slave” contract. Not enough, we felt, was being discussed about what graduates should do after university, and we wanted to address the concerns of students by providing them with guidance from other previous intern experiences. I contacted Academic Support Events at UAL to pitch this idea and through many emails they found interest in our podcast and offered to meet with us to consider a possible collaboration.



This was all going very well until I sent an email deciding the date and time of said meeting and received no response. I tried to spark a reply once again after a few days with no luck which disappointed us all, especially considering we didn’t have the equipment or the support to make the podcast ourselves. 








Eventually, to my dismay, I had to leave the project aside and focus on the film. However now that we've completed the film, the podcast project that was temporarily halted is still underway and being discussed. I want to finish this year knowing I’ve helped support the next generation of new interns, including future DPS students.

Kezia Mary Hessam

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