Financial struggles

My time at .Cent, although a great start, was undeniably not a suitable internship experience that would lead me into the right direction. Alongside this, the working environment was not sanitary and my boss Jo Phillips turned out to be a rather unpleasant person. All of the work that she produced for the magazine was through interns, she employed no workers. So we were technically doing the job of a worker without getting paid for it. Henceforth, this experience has taught me not to participate for a company in the same way again.


Although the outcome of my time there was not very beneficial towards my portfolio, I have learnt a great deal based on what a healthy environment should be. Having a boss who was extremely hard on me and extremely erratic most of the time allowed me to practice patience. Having a group of creative colleagues who surrounded me each day allowed me to further my skills. And having this internship, as bad as it may seem, allowed me to learn earlier on what internships I should be avoiding.

As I began freelancing in the second term, I had the freedom to experiment more in the field of my interest. This time was immensely well spent and it has been my favourite moment of DPS so far. As my time working on the short film came to an end, I started to struggle financially. As I hadn’t been paid at my internships and was still freelancing I realised that I could no longer afford to proceed this way without a stable income. This lead me to working part time at a restaurant four hours a day and 5 days a week. In the beginning I was just happy to be earning so that I could afford my living expenses, but as the weeks progressed I found my job physically demanding which took a toll on my studies. I struggled to source internships and educate myself everyday, and even building my website was too tiresome for me. After just two months of working there, I concluded that the only way for me to focus on my career was by resigning from the job that was halting that. 

This has obviously not been an ideal series of events, but I hope that proceeding further in this way I may concentrate furthering my time in the right direction.

Kezia Mary Hessam

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