Depth of Field

Short Film

Struck by the fabricated authenticity of the media, an unsuccessful photojournalist strives to capture the reality of war.

But his journey through the battlefield forces him to make the choice between gaining recognition or retaining his humanity.

My role : Production designer

Art department : 

Emilie Kraft

Marta Lovisetto

Fizza Hassan

Ana Castanedo

Evie Skelton

Jessie Moore

Laura Squirrell

Lauren Knights

Sa Bika

Simona Velikova

Set decorator

Set construction

Set construction

Set construction

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Makeup artist 

Camera department : 

Moe Alatawi

Zaigham Hameed Butt

Steve Duan

Alexandre Hor

Zach Hewett

Sam Cannan

Valerie Martynenko



1st AD

2nd AD


1st AC

Boom operator


Kezia Mary Hessam

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