This film contains flashing images that may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy


The Experience

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Visual inspiration: Quantum Space. Interactive video room/installation. Life Zone exhibition at M'ARS Gallery, Moscow.

My Vision

I am an art director based in London with a passion for visual storytelling. My expertise is in all things digital, which is ironic considering I am epileptic. For a long time I avoided that part of me, thinking I was problematic and my brain had a defect. But as an artist, I see that my epilepsy is a part of my nature and what makes me, well, me.

It came to me one day that epilepsy has never been recreated in a visual format for other's to see. Therefore, I wanted to create a visual and auditory experience for people who have never experienced it. This project will not only be about bringing awareness, it is also about turning what is considered a 'disability' into something positive

I want to defy odds, let other's experience this sensation and above all else, prove that epilepsy doesn't stop us from living our lives to the fullest.

Face Projection

The VR Perspective

To show epilepsy visually, I am working alongside motion graphic designer Sibel Gulbahce. We are hoping to incorporate VR technology to fully immerse the viewer. And of course in doing so we would provide a warning before it would commence as, like a film, we need to ensure people are aware that there are flashing images involved. 

The process may also involve projection on the body, acting as a filter of sorts, that shows who the colourful lights are projected onto is seeing. 

Rough Experiment

The journey may be scary, and it is terrifying, but by showing others how this feels, will instantly help them be more helpful when a seizure strikes. 

My main ambition for this project is to connect likeminded people who have epilepsy and try to abandon that part of themselves (as I did when I was young).

But my hope is that other's will acknowledge the effects of this condition and the result of which would build understanding and a stronger community. 

So please, join me in this journey to visualising epilepsy.

Email: Keziamaryhessam@gmail.com

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